lazy sunday

❤️ i’m finally out of my reading rut. currently half-way done with where they found her. i bet i finish it tonight. 

❤️ i didn’t get to bed until after 2:30 am and then woke up around 8:00 am, so i’ve been drifting in and out all day. 

❤️ playdate at Faust Park with Miles and his dad. it’s hot outside!!

❤️ i have a date tonight with a really good bottle of wine.

❤️ grocery shopping while hungry is either the best idea ever or the worst. i’m going to go with best. i picked up an assortment of cheeses, hummus, a couple of dips, olive oil & rosemary infused pita, and fancy crackers, to go with my wine tonight. i’m going to eat all the things.

❤️ new game of thrones tonight. the bf and i have a date to watch it together (remotely)

❤️ i have the day off tomorrow!!

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