monday stuff

  • I’m starting to like this being off on Mondays thing. We started that up again now that the busy season is over. Though I still have a fuck ton of work to do, so I really should be at the office, but whatever.
  • Rain, rain, go away.  It’s getting depressing. 
  • Also: pain, pain, go away. Fucking chronic pain. I feel shitty. Tramadol is my friend today.
  • My Mother’s Day was fabulous. I feel very lucky and loved.
  • My new curtains look fucking awesome, and the room was nice and dark last night. I love it. I love my boyfriend for doing all these home improvement projects for me too. He’s the best. I’m the luckiest.
  • Next read: My Sunshine Away. Gonna start that today, I think.
  • I feel like somebody kicked my ass. Even typing this hurts. I think a nap is necessary. 
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