feeling bloggy

  • Instagram & Twitter are constantly asking me if I would like to follow certain people. Usually clients. Um…no. I have had clients friend request me though, and I usually block them afterward.
  • I’m running the space heater in my office. Wtf, weather?
  • Just not feeling it today. These cases are frying my brain. I need to find a way to snap out of this funk. It’s always the same shit every day. The shit just piles up. I sometimes feel like I’m drowning. #overwhelmed #stressed
  • Seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson tonight with the bf and his daughter. I bought these tickets months ago. Where is the year going? 
  • The bf and I were planning out our summer last night and so many of the weekends are already full. It will be over before we know it.
  • I resisted the urge to eat a cookie at lunch, because I’ve been promised ice cream from The Fountain after the program. Maybe I’ll make mine an ice cream martini. Yep, that’s happening.
  • I feel like I need to make a change, but I’m not sure exactly what needs changing.
  • My body would be a good place to start. Not feeling body positive at all this week.
  • Though I should, I guess. My weight is within the range I like, despite my terrible eating habits. I’m wearing a size extra small dress, for fuck’s sake. (Vanity sizing is out of control, though. Seriously). But it’s still not enough. I still feel like I need to be fixed. That’s fucked up.  Maybe I should just work on fixing my broken brain.
  • Checking emails, voice mail, and even responding to texts has become a chore. I’m just kind of checked out. I even deleted Facebook messenger from my phone because I got sick of all the messages.  I know they’re still there, but I guess I’m sticking my head in the sand.
  • Today is my bestie’s birthday. We are celebrating Friday night.
  • This got kind of long. Oops.
  • List post over.
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