back to the grind

Today was kind of a shitty day. The first day back after a holiday always is. In addition to the typical work day nonsense, I also had to deal with a cranky as fuck business partner (he doesn’t recover from vacation well), a bestie going through a break up, and a pretty hard blow to the head (self inflicted b/c I’m seriously the clumsiest person ever). 

But…it’s nothing beer and banging won’t fix.

I’m already one beer in, and I get to see the bf in a couple of hours. 

So yeah…

I’m just going to sit here and drink some Bell’s Two Hearted Ale while I watch SATC (season 3). 

Btw, this is totally random, but I just want to say that I hate people who have an opinion about something and act like dicks about it if you don’t agree with them. Fuck those people. Like “oh you like _____, well that sucks.” No, fuck you. You suck for being a pretentious asshole. 

My ex did that a lot when I first met him and it drove me absolutely fucking nuts. He used to wonder why people would stop being friends with him, until I pointed out that nobody likes that person. He eventually stopped doing it. To me anyway. 

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