she’s a jar with a heavy lid

On the way to drop Jackson off at camp this morning, I turned on my Wilco playlist, which I don’t listen to very often anymore. After Casino Queen finished playing, Jackson asked, “Why do you and daddy listen to the same music?”  So I had to explain to him that his daddy and I used to be ridiculously into Wilco. That we used to drive from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to see them in concert, and we would wait 8 plus hours in line to make sure that we got to be right up front. I told him about how we were lucky enough to score tickets to see the premiere of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (a film about Wilco) in Los Angeles, and how we loved Yankee Hotel Foxtrot so much that it actually moved us to tears sometimes. 

It’s nice to relive the good memories every once in a while, because it wasn’t always bad, and sometimes it was really, really good. I think it’s important for Jackson to know that his dad and I used to love each other very much. 

It’s bittersweet, though. For sure. 

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