i’m always in love

  • It’s storming like whoa here and I like it. I love thunder.
  • Today was a “Jenn” day. I had the day off so I slept late, read, had lunch with the bf, and did some shopping. 
  • Back to the grind tomorrow. I have court all day, including tomorrow night, and I have to send a few difficult emails. *sigh*
  • Ulta is a store I try to avoid going to because I want all the things. I bought many things today. I really love make-up.
  • I bought two super cute hats for the Lake Michigan trip. Not at Ulta. Obviously.
  • I just got our tickets to Schurcipefones, which is our favorite beer festival. This will be our third year attending. <3 It’s the last festival of STL Craft Beer Week. I love Saint Louis. I feel lucky to get to live in this wonderful city. 
  • I need a new show to watch. I tried watching the latest season of True Detective, but I HATED it.
  • I enjoyed Jurassic World. Velociraptors are still my favorite.  Oddly enough, they remind me of my cat. She’s such a dick. 
  • We had so much fun last night.  The impromptu, let’s see where the night takes us, date nights are usually the best. 
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