fiddle dee dee

  • The weather here is stupid so I’m wearing a sweater dress and leggings today. In July. Whatever. I shouldn’t complain. I hate summer weather anyway.
  • I couldn’t sleep last night. I had too much on my mind. I’m a ball of stress right now. *eye twitch*
  • But I’m channeling my inner Scarlett O’Hara: fiddle dee dee & tomorrow is another day and all that shit.
  • I’m buying a treadmill! Finally. I just have to take some measurements to make sure the one I want will fit.
  • I’m rage-y because someone broke into my bestie’s house last week, and then came back last night and stole her boyfriend’s car. I’m really worried about her safety and I want to fucking cut someone.
  • It also has me seriously considering getting an alarm system.
  • I get to pick up my new glasses this afternoon. I hope they look okay, because they were kind of expensive. 
  • Two weeks until my birthday. 
  • I’m keeping everything light today. I need to have a good day.
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