when i say nothing, i say everything

  • Something I learned tonight: sneezing while oil pulling is quite unfortunate. 
  • There is no feeling quite like sleeping in your own bed after being gone for a while. So lovely. 
  • My birthday present to myself this year is going to see a dermatologist and buying all the prescription face creams. Fuck growing old gracefully.
  • I need a new book to read.
  • I have one day left of being 35. 
  • Jackson and I had a dance party tonight. *love*
  • We also built a Minecraft Lego set. 
  • I love being his mom. 
  • But seriously…I don’t want to look like one. I hate my face.
  • But I love my cat. She is purring and kneading my leg. She missed me. I’m her person. 
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