repeat after me: the grass is *not* always greener…

  • I’m feeling quite shitty today. Some sort of virus combined with arthritis flare up = blah.
  • But I woke up and ran a few miles anyway. Because balls to the wall, baby.
  • That used up my remaining energy for the day.
  • I’m in bed and cuddled up with my cat, which is my favorite form of self-care.
  • How do you know if you’re having a mid-life crisis?
  • I want to take a glassblowing class. I found one I’m thinking of signing up for. (Thanks to Melissa for the inspiration). 
  • I wish I could stop obsessing over every little flaw I see in myself. 
  • Despite all of this, I’m happy. Just mentally and physically exhausted. 
  • I’d probably benefit from taking the Lexapro, but I’m not going to take the Lexapro. 
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