let down and hanging around

  • You really shouldn’t apply mascara while driving, bitch.
  • I don’t miss you at all. 
  • Why is everyone asking me if I’m okay all the time?
  • I hate you/I love you. Over and over and over. 
  • Would it kill you to be on time for something just once?
  • Give me all the Tramadol. 
  • Day one is in the books.
  • Oh look, you’re naked again. 
  • Insomnia is better with a partner because sex. 
  • Un-fucking-follow. 
  • I hope I have the patience to properly train the child lawyer.
  • I’m worried about you. 
  • Fuck you. You suck. Ugh. Oh look another baby pic. Cute cat!! Seriously die now. – Me on Facebook
  • Silence is easy.
  • Type. Type. Delete. 
  • Eye twitch.
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