no alarms and no surprises please

Working from home was going pretty well until one of my bestie’s texted me and was like, “oh hey, i skipped out on work today. wanna hang?” To which I obviously replied, “fuck yes.”

So we walked 5k. Had tacos for lunch. Did some shopping at The White Rabbit, which is a super cute vintage home decor store. (I got two old books and a quilt that I’m absolutely in love with.)

Retail therapy, ftw. 

Confession time: I’ve never read Little Women. Isn’t that terrible? (And I call myself an English major). Now I own it (it was one of the books I bought this afternoon) and plan on reading it. I’m strangely excited.

Speaking of books, I’m about halfway done with Bird Box and it is such a mind fuck. I love it so much so far. 

I didn’t sleep much at all last night. I’m exhausted, and counting down the hours until bedtime. I want to cuddle up under my fabulous new quilt.

The problem is: body hurts so I think oh I’ll take tramadol so I can sleep. Unfortunately, tramadol makes me itchy like whoa. Like seriously…you’d think I was on meth if you watched me. So I was up all night scratching myself. I’m grateful I didn’t keep the bf up. There was much tossing and turning. 

Only 15 days until Punta Cana!!!! I have the cutest new swimsuit

Sinister 2 is out on Thursday and the bf and I have a date to see it in the Five Star Lounge. I’m super excited about that. I thought the first one was pretty bad ass, and I kind of really love that it actually scared Dave. Haha. Though I think I have managed to desensitize him over the last few years so I may not get so lucky this time around. 

I see a binge watch of The Practice (season 2) in my future (like as soon as the kiddo goes to bed tonight). I need more Eugene in my life. 

OMG my hair is pulled back into a ponytail right now!!!! 

The best part of Monday? I get to see Jackson tonight. I’ve been missing him so very much. I can’t wait for the big hug and kiss I have come to expect after these long weekends apart. 

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