the truth can be adjusted

I somehow went an entire day without Diet Pepsi. Mostly because I gave my last one to the bf Sunday morning, and then was too lazy to venture out to get more. I remedied that this morning, because I can’t do Monday without my caffeine fix.

Yesterday, I read The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Right before bed, I started A Little Life, which I’ve heard only good things about. So far, so good. I’m also reading Little Women, but that’s slow going; not because it’s a difficult read, but because it’s sort of boring. (Sorry). I like fucked up stuff. 

I think my book count for the year is 35/50. Not too bad. 

I also watched Michael Clayton yesterday. I love that movie. The concept of the lawyer as a fixer/janitor is just so fucking accurate. I also love the tag line: The truth can be adjusted. Because I have found that this is also accurate. Plus, George Clooney. 

I’m off today, so happy Monday to me. 

This week is going to be super busy. We haven’t been going out much the last couple of weeks because the bf hasn’t been up to it (back issues). It looks like we will be making up for it this week. On the agenda so far: 4Hands, moonlight paddleboat picnic, Brasserie, and a VIP tour of Schlafly, just to name a few. I’m excited. 

I ordered my Halloween costume yesterday.  *squee* Princess Leia. Though the bf insisted I get the “sexy” version, because of course he did. Haha. (Hey, it’s better than the bikini thing he wanted me to wear). I’m most excited about the white knee high boots. 

My first order from Unique Vintage is supposed to be delivered today!!! I hope everything fits. 

Vacation countdown: 8 ½ days until Punta Cana. 

I guess I should stop fucking around and get my ass on the treadmill. 


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