the way things are

In one week, I will be on a plane headed to the Dominican Republic. In fact, I may even be there by this time next week. *happy dance*

That makes it hard to concentrate on work stuff, though I have a ton of stuff I need to do before I can go. *sigh*

My cute dress has buttons that are too easy to pop open. I’ve accidentally flashed a couple of people today.

Last night, I made my boyfriend take a picture of my ass so that I could study it. I stared at it for around ten minutes and came to the conclusion that it is a pretty good ass. I will keep the pic on my phone for future reference.

Shit like that makes total sense in my world. I’m weird.

I’m not sorry.

I want a burrito.

Two more hours until freedom.

I have a bottle of wine at home that will be getting opened tonight.


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