Saturday six: vacation style

1. Poor Dave is so sunburned. I feel bad for him.

2. There is a stray cat here that I’ve been feeding. This happened last year in Cancun too. Poor little kitty. There are also tons of tiny lizards. I wish I could pet one. They are adorable.

3. I’m still a little weirded out about my client being here. Mostly because she acted so weird about it, and started drunkenly exclaiming, “Oh my god, my bankruptcy attorney is here.” She’s the one who called out to me. She even had a resort employee grab me when I didn’t hear her at first, so I wanted to be like, listen bitch, you started this awkwardness, not me. Honestly though, I think the problem is that she’s been telling me she can’t afford her case, but she’s here on an expensive vacation. (This place is pricey, but maybe she didn’t pay…idk). Ultimately, I don’t give a shit what she does. Yolo and all that. I ended up patting her on the back and telling her it’s all good. Her, not as drunk, bf gave us an out, and we bailed.

4. We have a room that has a small, private pool in the back. We have been putting it to good use, and daydreaming about the pool we are going to get when we buy a house.

5. The beach here is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in real life. Prettier than Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, or Grand Cayman. The resort pool is also amazing. The swim up bars are delightful.

6. I miss my kid, and my cat, but I love getting to spend this time with Dave. We are having a great time, and I’m happy.

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