thursday thoughts & things

  1. The first day back to work after a vacation always kind of sucks, but this one has been unexpectedly pleasant. I’m thinking I just really needed a break, because I was way on edge when I left here last week. Today, however, things seem perfectly lovely.
  2. I didn’t even get road rage-y this morning.
  3. Today was kind of my Monday and tomorrow is Friday, so that’s awesome.
  4. Dieting blows, but I’m logging my calories and pre-planning my meals. I have 1200 calories per day plus whatever I earn back via exercise (I guess…I always feel weird doing that). 
  5. My cat woke me up four times last night, just because.
  6. I get to spend my evening with my kiddo and my bestie. Yay.
  7. Halloween party invites have gone out. *squee*
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