• Sometimes Tumblr gives me serious boob envy.
  • Speaking of boobs, breast cancer awareness month is just around the corner, and I’m hoping I’ll feel less angst-y about it this year since I’m in a pretty good head space right now.
  • However, I do want to say: no woman who has had her tits cut off wants to see you flashing your perfect pair around the internet in the name of breast cancer awareness. Bitch, please.
  • I have, however, considered posting a pic of my own fake, nipple-less boobs to promote breast cancer awareness. My tit tats are pretty fucking sweet to be honest.
  • But…sometimes I really miss having nipples.
  • I refer to my boobs as tempur-pedic tits because they are sort of like memory foam. They always bounce back and they are definitely never sagging.
  • Luckily, my boyfriend is an ass/legs guy, which are by far my best body parts and always have been.
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