friday night feels

  • My sister is hitting me up for money again via Facebook. I want to yell at her: I’m not your fucking ATM, bitch.
  • I’m thinking about just blocking her. I’ve only ever blocked three people on FB, and only have one person blocked currently (a crazy ex-client). 
  • The other two were my old boss and my bf’s ex-wife. 
  • My associate signed his very first client today. He looked so proud. Aww. 
  • I heard Chris Cornell’s cover of Nothing Compares 2 U.  *all the heart eyes*
  • I absolutely adore Ryan Adams, but I’m not really feeling the 1989 stuff. Maybe I need to give it time. 
  • More episodes of Black Mirror? Fuck yes.
  • My kid is having me read Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone to him. He’s growing up way too fast.  
  • I’ve gotten some really nice compliments this week that made me smile. 
  • I think we are leaning toward buying a place downtown. *squee*
  • My kid has discovered this horrid song called Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae). I die a little inside every time I hear it. 
  • I’ve decided to stop being so hard on myself. I decide this like every six months so we shall see how long it lasts this time. 
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