life is hard, and so am i

  • It has been go, go, go all freaking day. So I decided to take a quick Tumblr break.
  • My poor mouth hurt so much last night.  It’s much better today, though pain is still there. I have another appointment with the dentist on Monday. Boo.
  • We were in bed before 11 pm last night, which is unheard of.
  • That awkward moment when you catch your colleague staring at you from across the courtroom and his face turns bright red; then he makes it worse by coming over to talk and starts stuttering because he’s nervous. Yeah so that happened today.
  • We are getting a new phone system in the office today. Woo hoo. B&A is moving on up to the big time.
  • I like taking little mental health breaks a couple of times per day, where I look at a real estate listing the bf emailed. Right now we are really into downtown condos/lofts.
  • I have a giant pumpkin cookie waiting to be devoured.
  • Back to work I go.
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