a list of good shit

Because I need to talk about good shit.

  1. My kid has been very sick all weekend and I think his fever finally broke. We may be at the end of this shit.
  2. He spent this weekend with his dad, but now he is home with me. 
  3. The bf and I tried Hoppy Halloween 2015 last night and it was pretty damn good. I think it’s the best beer we have made yet, and I won’t be embarrassed to serve it at the party.
  4. Speaking of the party, we have like 25 confirmed attendees. That’s exciting considering the first year we had seven.
  5. TWD season 6 premiere was solid.
  6. I took a two hour nap with my kid. Naps make everything better.
  7. White cheddar & garlic mac & cheese for dinner tonight. Mmm.  It’s the kiddo’s favorite. 
  8. I finally bought a cinnamon broom yesterday.  That smell makes me so very happy.
  9. My kid can’t go to school tomorrow, so we will be spending a bonus day together.
  10. Date night tomorrow night with the bf.
  11. I’ve been “cleaning it out” most of the day today, and it has been strangely effective. There is also the added benefit of needing to get this place in shape for the party. Less than 2 weeks!
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