Am I the only one who actually gets excited when plans get canceled? I was supposed to see Grace Potter with a friend Saturday night, but she can’t go now, and all I can think is: ahh sweet couch time. 

My Fitbit Charge HR isn’t functioning properly anymore and I’m really annoyed because I’ve only had it a few months. Fucking piece of shit. One of my friends is on her third one in six months!! Fuck that noise. Sounds like a good excuse to buy an Apple Watch. 😍😍 

I want a staycation.

I spent most of my day in my car. Dislike. I drive way too much.

Why am I hungry like all the time? 

My bestie is coming over tonight. On the way home, Jackson and I picked up pizza, snacks, and stuff to make sundaes. 

I want to watch Waterloo Bridge this weekend. It’s one of my favorite movies. 

I plan to sleep a lot this weekend. 

I wish I could get a handle on my crazy emotions.

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