just another saturday in the city

  1. It’s delightfully cold today. I’m in bed wearing a big fluffy robe and lying under a sheet, duvet, and quilt. I’m still kind of chilly.
  2. We have too much to do today, but I’m going to squeeze in all the relaxation time I can. 
  3. I love these lazy Saturday mornings with my kid.  When he woke up, he got into my bed, gave me a cuddle, and said, “I’m so happy to be here with you.” Heart melted. This kid!!!
  4. I’m having an interesting text conversation with the bf this morning. I like the direction this is taking. Way to be vague, Jenn. Haha. 
  5. I just heard the sound of skidding wheels and crunching metal outside. I got up to look and it’s a three car accident and it’s right in front of my place. Air bags deployed. People yelling. Yikes.  Now I hear the police sirens. 
  6. Tonight we have a date with D & F. We are excited. 
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