welcome to the show

Last I checked, my radiation boob/breast cancer awareness post was rapidly approaching 9,000 notes. In fact, it was liked and reblogged so much last night, I had to turn off notifications to my phone because I couldn’t sleep.

As a result, I have received a ton of new followers and a bunch of messages in my inbox. Hello, new peeps. Welcome to me. I’ll try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

To be honest, the attention has me feeling a bit weird. 

I’m at home sick today. I feel pretty lousy. I hope whatever this is clears up soon or at least gets better in the next few hours. The bf and I have plans to see the Steve Jobs movie tonight. 

I’ve slept for like 11 hours. That has helped. I was going to go into the office after I dropped my son off at school, but the boyfriend convinced me to go back to bed. 

Things will be fine without me at the office. I need to stop being such a control freak. 

Everything feels very meh today. 

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