i’m ready for it all

  • Happy November!
  • This month I will be the mom of a six-year-old? How did that happen?
  • Trick-or-treating with the ex was an interesting experience. 
  • Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that you made the right choice.  Not that I was doubting myself…but still. 
  • With today being my cancerversary, I feel like we should celebrate somehow. Three years, baby!
  • I now have 2,242 registered followers, and I can’t write half of them off as porn bots anymore. Plus, I pick up an average of 25 more per day. It’s crazy, and I don’t understand it, but hi! Welcome to the show.
  • We might be seeing D & F today if the bf is feeling better. *fingers crossed*
  • Last night, my Luke Skywalker ran into a Darth Vader and they had a light saber fight on the sidewalk. It was really cute, and became cuter when Darth Vader removed the mask and it was a girl! She exclaimed, “Girls can be Darth Vader, too!” Rock on, girl. I love seeing female empowerment in young girls. *heart eyes*
  • Jackson, to his credit, exclaimed, “I don’t hit girls!” And that was the end of that. 
  • I was reminded last night how much I still miss my ex-MIL. She is amazing and I know I won’t be getting that lucky again. I’m glad I still get to chat with her occasionally. She’s a really good person, and I’m grateful my son has such a wonderful grandmother. 
  • I recently found all of this stuff I saved growing up for the daughter I always thought I’d have. I think I’m going to give it to Dave’s daughter at some point. She’s the closest I’m going to get to a daughter of my own. 
  • I’ll wait until we move in together, of course. That will be happening next year at some point. Come on, 2016!! We are ready.
  • And since it’s now officially November, I’m going to go ahead and get excited about Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to convince the ex to trade with me so that Dave and I have the kids on the same year. Both kids would prefer it. 
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