here and now

  1. It sucks that if you decide to answer an “ask” privately, you lose the message forever. There was no way I could publicly respond to every message I received, because it would take over the entire blog. It just sucks that I can’t see them anymore. Boo, Tumblr.
  2. Yesterday was a rough day for me. I was super tired, my joints ached, and I couldn’t really concentrate. I felt like I had a brain fog. It was a rainy, dreary day as well, which didn’t help my overall mood. I left work early, around three, went home, took off my work clothes, poured a glass of wine, and waited in bed for the bf. We went out to UCBC and O’Shay’s for drinks/dinner. Then we spent the rest of the night in my bed, drinking, talking, laughing, listening to music, etc. It was much needed. I feel much better today. Waking up with him helps. *heart eyes*
  3. Though I’m still completely unmotivated. But at least it’s Friday!!
  4. I had lunch with my sister yesterday and she brought her two youngest kids. Damn they are cute. Like model cute. My nephew’s eyelashes are so black and so long that it looks like he has mink eyelash extensions. I’m jealous of a four-year-old boy’s eyelashes. Like really, really jealous.
  5. I’m excited about tonight’s plans. We have a double date with one of our favorite couples. @armemedia
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