the reason i don’t do anon

I turned off the anon ask me anything option like two years ago. I used to get a bunch of anonymous messages, and they were almost always really nice, occasionally creepy, and once or twice mean. This was before I had as many followers, and I more or less knew who read this blog, with the exception of a few people in real life whom I suspected but didn’t know for sure. Anyway, one day I wrote a post that mentioned this chick I used to know and I did not have nice things to say about her. Very soon thereafter, I received my first really hateful anon message, which said: fuck you, you ugly whore.

You know how sometimes you just know something? Well I knew this bitch had sent me this message. It just made sense that she would know about this blog and continue to read it, because she was a nosy drama queen, and the timing was too perfect.  I didn’t particularly care about the message…meaning it didn’t hurt my feelings or anything. In fact, I laughed, and texted my boyfriend to tell him about it, because he knew this chick as well.  If anything, it felt kind of good, because I disliked her a great deal and I was happy she knew about it, even though I would never have intentionally sought her out to hurt her feelings. 

However, I decided to turn anon off after that, because while I don’t give a fuck if you want to call me an ugly whore, you need to fucking own that shit. 

The reason I feel free to be so open and honest (and public) about my life and my opinions on this blog is because I stand behind all of it.  Anything I ever say about you behind your back, I would say straight to your face. I have lived this way for a very long time, and it has always served me well. This is me… for better or for worse. 

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