1. I feel awful. Adjusting to Lexapro is a fucking nightmare. 
  2. We had one of those weekends where we didn’t have any plans and just went with the flow. It ended up being pretty awesome. It was so much fun getting to hang with @itsjustcarrie and @honoluluorbust last night. I’m happy the bf finally got to know them. They’re awesome. He agrees. 
  3. It’s finally properly cold here and I’m happy about it because it finally feels like the holidays are here. 
  4. I wish it would snow. A lot. I want to be snowed in. 
  5. Last night I had a drink called Buffy The Vodka Slayer, which contained cucumber vodka. It was disgusting.  Apparently, it is their most popular drink. What’s wrong with people? 
  6. I also had a Scottish IPA. Meh. 
  7. The bf is headed to his daughter’s piano recital. I’m sort of sad because I wanted to go to it, and he said I could, but I don’t want to get his ex all upset. Mostly because that would upset his daughter, and this is her special day. However, we discussed it and agreed that things are going to change next year. We have a life together and I’m tired of hiding it. 
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