rainy day list post

  1. Thanksgiving was awesome, like one of the best ever. Bring on Christmas! I want to put up the tree this weekend, but I think we are going to wait until tomorrow. We just got home and are both exhausted. 
  2. This morning, the bf and I took the kids to walk through the house we are seriously considering buying. They absolutely loved it and were super excited. It was really cute. They’ve already picked out their bedrooms and paint colors. <3
  3. I’m sad about finishing The Sopranos. I feel like I lost a friend or something. We watched Casino yesterday to get our mob fix. Now I kind of want to watch The Godfather or Goodfellas
  4. I’m slowly starting to feel human again. I think I may be over the worst of the Lexapro side effects. Unfortunately, day drinking yesterday did not help my headache and nausea situation. Ugh. But damn that was good wine. 
  5. It’s a super rainy, dreary day here in STL. I think I’m going to lounge about and be lazy until it’s time for James & Dave to come over. This is perfect nap weather. 
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