Minimalism challenge weekend recap:

Clean out your closet: This is ongoing. I have a lot of stuff and it takes time to sort through everything. Today I made progress by doing some reorganizing within the closet and getting rid of about ten pairs of shoes I haven’t worn in quite some time. Dave and I will be sharing a closet next year, which isn’t going to be easy for me, so this is serious business. 

Streamline your reading list: I keep a to-read list on Goodreads. (I love Goodreads!) When I started this morning, I had 180 books on the list. I now have 144. 

Unfollow & Unfriend: I’m actually pretty good about this, because I like to keep my social media manageable. I unfriended five people on Facebook and twenty-five on Tumblr. 

Downsize your beauty collection: This was so very difficult for me. I am a make-up junkie. I am subscribed to Ipsy and Glambox, and so I have a lot of make-up samples. Throw in stuff I buy and stuff I get from member’s rewards via Sephora and Ulta and just AHHHHH SO MUCH STUFF. Most of it I don’t have a use for, but I keep it anyway. So today I went through it and got rid of a big basket full of beauty products. It was so, so hard, and maybe I teared up a little. Maybe. (first world problems). 

Identify your 3 to 6 main priorities:

  1. relationships
  2. law firm/career
  3. health
  4. happiness
  5. acceptance
  6. financial stability/wealth
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