• This morning, I saw a guy standing outside my office building chugging a beer. We made eye contact, and I hope my look conveyed what I was thinking, which was: Fuck yes. Do you, baby.
  • Waking up this morning was absolutely brutal. The struggle is real.
  • I’m doing this pro bono case and the client is my absolute fave. He is the kind of client who makes it all worth it.
  • It’s sort of funny that the client who doesn’t pay me is my favorite client.
  • I have some difficult conversations in my not so distant future and I am not looking forward to them. Not one bit.
  • I’m on day two of my hangover. When will it sink in for me that I’m 36 and not 26?
  • My bestie took me out for a burrito last night. She’s the best.
  • I’m looking forward to an evening with the bf on his couch that will soon also be my couch.
  • Can you tell I’m excited about moving in together?
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