10 random questions

I was tagged by @somecallmetracy to answer the following questions –

What Was the Last Movie You Saw? Mockingjay Part 2. I thought the last two movies should have been combined into one. I didn’t care for it much. I was bored a lot of the time. 

What Was the Last Song You Listened To? Sour Girl by STP on Lithium (this morning on my way back to the city). 

What Was the Last Show You Watched? Bar Rescue last night with the bf. The Jazz Katz episode. 

What Was the Last Book You Read? The Boxcar Children. It’s a book I loved as a kid, so I decided to read it to Jackson. 

What Was the Last Thing You Ate? A chocolate chip cookie (last night). 

If You Could be Anywhere Else Right Now, Where Would You Be? Back in the private cabana on the beach in Punta Cana. 

If You Could Pick a Decade to Travel Back to in Time, What Would it Be? I’d like to travel to the 1940s and go dress shopping. I love the fashion from that decade. 

If You Won the Lottery, What Would Be the First Thing You’d Do? Pay off my student loans. 

Which Fictional Character Would You Like to Hang Out with For the Day?Tyrion Lannister, because he is the coolest. 

What Was the Last Fandom You Joined? Game of Thrones. I enjoy dressing up and watching the show. I’m about to purchase a Cersei costume. 

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