Friday night, Scott and Valerie exchanged vows that contained a list of things they promised to do or be for one another. 

Dave said he wants me to promise to stay crazy, which he explained really means stay exciting. I am pretty crazy, so this did not offend me. I knew exactly what he meant. I’m the one who will do things like get drunk at a bar, start an argument, walk out on him, get lost on the way home, and then call him to come find me.  Then we will go home and have tons of make up sex. (Yes, this is a thing that actually happened once). 

I’m the one in our relationship that pushes us to try new things. Things he never would have considered. Remember that time we went to Yoga Buzz? He bitched about how terrible it would be, but then he ended up having a really good time. Lately, he doesn’t even fight me on stuff like that anymore, because he knows that we always have fun no matter what we do. 

After we were finally home Friday night, he looked at a pic of us dancing at the wedding and said, “We are perfect together.”

I agree. 

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