monday minimalism musings

Go bare faced – done. I feel weird about it whenever I do it though. I need to get more comfortable with it. 

Practice gratitude – I’ve been writing down things I’m grateful for each day in my LifePlanner (there’s a section for it!). I’ve also been more mindful of all the things I have to be grateful for. 

Let go of a goal – I’m going to let go of weighing a certain amount. My dream weight is 125. I weigh 130. I can comfortably maintain 128 and live the way I like. 125 is hard. Do those three pounds really matter? Of course they don’t. 

Identify stress triggers – 

  • over thinking everything
  • dwelling on how much i need/have to do
  • traffic/long commute
  • feeling unorganized (with my lists and stuff)
  • feeling poorly
  • looks/weight
  • taking on too much
  • saying no/setting boundaries
  • being late/other people being late

Meditate for 15 minutes – I’ve been doing this in the evening and it is helping (a bit) with my insomnia issues. 

Stay offline for one day – this one is hard. Still working on it. I need to start with: No email or social media until lunch. Though I bet I could do this next weekend. Our weekend is crazy busy. 

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