so much to say

  • Things at the office are crazy. So much court. So many cases to prep and file. It’s only going to get worse. Busy season is right around the corner. I need a mini break.
  • But yay, yay, yay because success is good.
  • I’m going to need money for this house thing. *gulp*
  • We have expensive tastes, apparently.
  • It’s finally Friday, and for most of today I didn’t even realize it. Too busy.
  • My Star Wars shirt was just delivered. Yay! I was worried I wouldn’t get it in time for our showtime on Sunday.
  • The concert last night was so good. Hearing those Icelandic accents brought back lots of good memories from our trip. * happy sigh*
  • We are very seriously considering our next adventure trip being a hiking/kayaking trip in Norway. The pics are absolutely amazing.
  • Christmas presents are starting to be delivered, but I still have some shopping to do this weekend for the kids. I’m very much dreading the crowds.
  • Tonight is Dave’s company holiday party. It’s at the Chase Park Plaza, and we have a room there, so this should be super fun.
  • And I get to wear my new dress. There will be pics. Duh.
  • I haven’t been on Facebook in days and it feels great.
  • In fact, I’ve been on all social media much less lately. I don’t even go on Twitter at all anymore. Instagram is once every couple of days or so. This is part of the minimalism challenge that I’m really enjoying.
  • Still gotta get my blog on though.
  • Pet peeve: people who don’t own their words. Just because you deleted it, doesn’t mean I didn’t see it. 
  •  I’m really proud of a friend right now who made a brave choice to leave a relationship that wasn’t making her happy.  I know from experience that it is so very hard, but you only live once. Go get it, girl.
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