this week is trying to kill me

This is the busiest weekend of the year for us, which just happens to have followed a very crazy work week. 

Tonight is the B&A (my firm) and V & Co (sister firm) holiday party. It is being referred to as the “Christmas Kegger.” It’s being held at my colleague’s house, and last night he sent me a pic of two giant trashcans that he has filled with various bottles and cans of beer. He also special ordered a keg (shipped from Germany) of Weihenstephaner. There is also assorted booze and cigars. This will be our third night of partying. 

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m still worn out from last night. So much wine. So much dancing. It was a really great time though. It was fun to finally meet so many of Dave’s co-workers and reunite with some others. 

In preparation, we ate a delicious brunch and are now parking our asses on the couch until it’s time to go. Property Brothers marathon!

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