I’ve been thinking about the swinger lifestyle lately.

Not that I want to do it. Been there, done that. But I was considering how some people go about it, like with the dating and texting and what not. The whole “let’s be friends with benefits” thing. I remember being more or less encouraged to do those things; to treat these other men like boyfriend(s). And, in my opinion, that is a huge mistake. Fucking is one thing. Intimacy is another. Encouraging intimacy with an outsider is a good way to lose your significant other. That’s exactly what happened to my ex. I’m confident he regrets it now.

If you want to swap, have a threesome, foursome, or even a more-some, go on with your bad self. I get it. Long term relationships can be difficult to keep fresh, and humans weren’t really made for monogamy. But be smart about it, ffs. You’ve got to keep some things special. Some things have to be reserved for the one you love.

Basically, my advice boils down to this: hit it and quit it. 

(Clearly if you are poly or whatever this doesn’t apply to you. I’m talking about couples just looking to experiment.)

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