come at me, bro

My ex has been talking shit about my boyfriend to my son and then telling my son to keep it a secret. I’m furious about that for reasons that are so obvious I don’t think I need to express them here. 

The most mind blowing part is what he has been telling him. He told Jackson that he shouldn’t try to be like Dave, because Dave doesn’t have a real job and just sits around pretending to work. Dave has a PhD in electrical engineering and is the head of a research and development group. My ex is a wannabe comic book writer who has made all of $1400 from his writing in the last ten years, and, up until a month ago, lived in his mom’s basement.


Jackson told me he disagrees with his dad, but doesn’t want to get yelled at. He also said that it makes him sad to be put in the middle like this.

*deep breaths*

I’m trying to calm down so I can think out my next move. 

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