Here’s a list

**5/31 miles completed.
**Chronic pain sucks.
**Tramadol and muscle relaxers do not suck.
**I’m making new pals/getting closer to old pals here on Tumblr. I dig it. I may be in the minority, but I like the new messaging system. Send me a message!!
**The bf and I are doing an alcohol free week. Starting today.
**We are rewatching House of Cards. It’s so, so good.
**We also recently rewatched Better Call Saul and Girls.
**New season of It’s Always Sunny starts this week! Woo hoo.
**I ordered the Little House on the Prairie book set and it will be delivered tomorrow. So excited.
**I’m upstairs and I can hear the bf downstairs laughing at one of his guy shows. It makes me smile.
**We saw The Force Awakens again on Saturday night. I want BB8, please.
**Tomorrow, when I’m not high on painkillers, I have to review the contract for the house. We have to sign this week. Shit is about to get real!
**I’m actually excited that tomorrow is Monday. I’m ready for life to return to normal.


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