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It’s crazy to me how often I think I know what someone looks like based upon pics they post online, but then I see a pic of them that someone else posted and they look like a completely different person or I see them in person and I’m like whoa.

If you are trying to make a point, and you start it by saying I’m not crazy, just stop. You’re doing it wrong.

Doctor Who is a very strange show. My kid has recently become obsessed with it, and so we binge watched the first season on Netflix. I can’t get a handle on whether I like it or not. Some episodes are sort of interesting. Others are fucking weird. My son is definitely all in. In one episode, this alien octopus guy died and Jackson sobbed hysterically in my arms for like five minutes.

I do like, however, that my kid is quirky and interesting.

I have started re-reading the books of my childhood. I read The Babysitters Club: Kristy’s Great Idea earlier this week. I’m currently reading Little House In The Big Woods. These read fast and I’m enjoying the nostalgia.

Season 10 of It’s Always Sunny was finally added to Netflix so I got to the watch The Gang Beats Boggs while I did my treadmill-ing last night.  The new season starts tonight. The bf and I have a date to watch it together tomorrow night.

I haven’t missed a day yet! (of exercising)

I had a four course fondue meal with Danielle last night and I don’t regret a single bite. My favorite was the bourbon bacon cheddar cheese fondue.

I have stuck by the no drinking. Did you know they make non-alcoholic sparkling wine? I didn’t. I had a non-alcoholic peach sangria last night and it was delightful.

Big, exciting thing happening today, but more about that later.

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