saturday night’s alright for blogging

  1. It didn’t snow much. I feel ripped off. Oh and now it’s crazy cold outside. It was beautiful while it lasted though. 
  2. There is a 70% sale going on over at and I’m feeling very tempted. I have a cart full of super cute stuff.
  3. I binge watched Making a Murderer all morning/afternoon. I’m now in the middle of episode seven, but I needed a break so I turned it off. I am so disgusted and outraged by the entire thing that I actually feel sick.
  4. I’m planning a big purge. I have so much stuff to get rid of before we move. I’m glad I have several months to sort it all out. 
  5. I ran hard this morning and it felt so good. Will be doing so again tomorrow.
  6. Tomorrow is a Sunday Funday. We are taking the kids to the Science Center and to see The Force Awakens in the Omnimax theater. 
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