don’t fuck with mama bear

I have to vent about something so I can get it out and move on with my night.

I went to pick Jackson up from his bus stop today, and he wasn’t on the bus. About five or so kids walked off the bus, and Jackson wasn’t one of them. The bus driver asked, “Who are you waiting on?” I said, “My son, Jackson.” She said, “Jackson didn’t get on the bus today.” It felt like someone punched me in the throat. If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you may understand how I was feeling. 

It took about ten minutes (where I think I held it together pretty fucking well all things considered) to figure out that he was on a different bus. The bus dispatcher and the other bus driver acted like complete assholes about the entire thing, even though it is the school’s responsibility to make sure that kids, especially Kindergarten kids, get on the right buses. It took approximately forty minutes, and driving around Chesterfield like a crazy person, until I finally had my kid.

Jackson was mildly traumatized by the entire thing, and said the bus driver was mean to him. His teacher is apparently the one who put him on the wrong bus. I get that accidents happen, and so I’m not mad at her.  However, I am fucking outraged by how transportation handled it, and someone is going to get an earful of livid, lawyer mom’s righteous indignation first thing on Tuesday morning (since Monday is a holiday). 

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