1. I’m sick. 
  2. My kid is sick. We aren’t super sick, but it’s bad enough that he needed to be home today. (slight fever)
  3. My ex missed his flight home from Alaska. (Because of course he did. He is seriously the most incompetent fucktard). I’m keeping Jackson again tonight obviously.
  4. So I had to reschedule all of my plans for the day: my hair cut and my outing with Danielle later tonight. 
  5. And I’m not at the office, despite the fact that I have a million things to do and busy season is right around the corner. 
  6. I love my kid more than anything in the world, but I need a fucking break. He’s driving me crazy. I am not one of those parents who refuses to admit that their kid is annoying as fuck. I hate parents like that. Parenting is hard, and sometimes it fucking sucks. That’s my truth for the day. 
  7. It’s cold as fuck.
  8. It’s supposed to snow a bunch tonight.
  9. I’m staying in bed all day. Fuck everything. 
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