Letting go is difficult, but it feels so good.

Privacy settings have been activated. My blog can no longer be accessed outside of Tumblr.

Analytics deleted. So now there will be no more obsessing over who is reading (like my ex, his ex, my mom, his family…). Fuck it. Too much information can be a very bad thing. It was fucking with my mind.

No more keeping tabs on the exes. Their happiness is not my responsibility. You make your own happiness.

I’m over it. It’s done.

I’ve wasted enough time on this shit. My boyfriend told me recently that he has been holding back on moving forward in our relationship because of guilt he feels regarding his ex. He’s worried our progress and happiness hurts her. I get it. I really do, but I’m done worrying about it, and I believe I’ve convinced him he should be too. I’m going after my happy full speed ahead. 2016 is our year.

You only live once. There’s no time to waste on silly shit like this.

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