the post where i talk about all the things

  • Today is my brother’s birthday. He would have been 29.
  • That’s the one thing I really don’t feel like talking about today. 
  • I feel awful. I’m in hangover hell.
  • But last night was super fun. Worth it.
  • Last night, I had a RumChata martini with a cinnamon-sugar rim and it was amazing. Mmm.  
  • We picked out the flooring for the new house last night. It was super fun, and I’m so very excited about how everything is coming together. It’s going to look fantastic.
  • I look like a hideous troll beast today. I got very little sleep last night. We stayed up way too late. I’m too old for this shit.
  • I’m a couple of days behind in my photo a day challenge. Oops.
  • Life has been busy lately, but a good busy.
  • I’ve been spending less time online.  It feels good.
  • I’m super pumped for the weekend. 
  • Tonight is horror movie night with Danielle.
  • Saturday is completely open and I’m on my own. It’s rare that I have a completely free day. It will be interesting to see where the day takes me.
  • Sunday is one of our favorite beer festivals! This will be my third year attending. 
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