let’s talk about

  • how I’ve eaten half of a giant box of Hot Tamales and I don’t even care.
  • how I bought half-off Christmasy scented candles because mmm.
  • how good the Merry Cookie candle smells. 
  • how my bestie gave me a hot pink Kate Spade wristlet for my (late) Christmas present. 
  • how the fabulous and fashionable @hthrloo inspired me to go thrifting today and I found two ridiculously adorable (yet insanely affordable) dresses to add to my collection. 
  • how I’m wearing my pajamas at 4 pm.
  • how it’s 36 degrees but I have the window open anyway.
  • how I plan to watch Labyrinth and Rocky Horror tonight. 
  • how excited I am to go to Wolpertinger tomorrow with the bf.
  • how good it feels to be doing whatever the fuck I want today, which is basically nothing, because I am a lazy piece of crap. 
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