wrapping up

my “day in the life” postings –

  1. Current status: in bed, a little fucked up from Xanax, listening to Hole.
  2. I walked several miles on the treadmill while watching Labyrinth.
  3. David Bowie was so sexy in Labyrinth (and in general). That scene where he’s dancing with Jennifer Connelly at the ball while he sings As The World Falls Down…all the heart eyes.
  4. Currently alternating between reading The Long Winter and Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself. Yay for revisiting childhood favorites. 
  5. It took all my willpower not to go to Petsmart and adopt a cat today. I knew my bf would be crazy pissed. That’s the only reason I didn’t do it.
  6. My favorite song from Rocky Horror Picture Show is I’m Going Home. I always cry. 
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