the chronic pain diaries

Everything hurts. It is 12:55 pm and I have yet to get out of bed. The culprits:

  • arthritis pain
  • nerve damage
  • chronic headaches
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic fatigue

I’m a hot mess.

I try to keep it to myself. It just makes people sad when I bring it up. It’s not like there’s anything anyone can do about it.

My current meds:

  1. Tamoxifen (cancer med)
  2. Lexapro (depression)
  3. Lorazepam (anxiety/insomnia)
  4. Tramadol (pain med)
  5. Vagifem (hormone replacement)
  6. Celebrex (arthritis med/anti-inflammatory)
  7. Fioricet (headache med/muscle relaxer)
  8. Xanax (for when Lorazepam doesn’t cut it)

Today is a bad pain day, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. It doesn’t help that my shitty insurance fucked a bunch of stuff up and I have been off my Celebrex for over a week. I’ll finally be able to resume it today. 

Oh well…at least I can catch up on my blogging. Silver lining!

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