1. I had an appointment with my oncologist this morning. He said all is well and to come back in six months. He did “prescribe” regular massages. He says it will help my stress and muscle pain. And he loved the idea of floating in the sensory deprivation tank. 
  2. I weighed myself this morning and now I’m depressed. 
  3. So I’m eating Valentine’s themed M&M’s…like you do in these situations. Depressed because you’re fat? Let’s get fatter!!
  4. Dave’s V-day present is going to arrive today and I’m so relieved because I thought I wasn’t going to get it until Monday. I really hope he likes it. I put a lot of thought/effort into it.
  5. I’m very much looking forward to the super chill, no plans weekend ahead. Well we do have plans on Sunday, but that’s it. Tonight we are cooking dinner and watching Crimson Peak!
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