• I watched TWD last night. Holy fucking shit fucking whoa like wtf seriously?! Mind blown. 
  • I wish I could wake up just once and not be in pain. Just. Fucking. Once.
  • I’m feeling myself today though. I’m adorable.
  • The bk court’s filing site is down and I have all these cases to file but I’m sitting here not filing them. Ugh.
  • There is one case (filed long ago) that is close to being done and the client is (and has always been) a tremendous fucking douche and I hate him. I would be happy about the case being about to complete, except he went and did a bunch of shit that has fucked everything up and guess who gets to clean up the mess?
  • That would be me.
  • But…I get to leave early today to meet up with the bf and pick out appliances for our new house. *heart eyes*
  • It feels sort of weird to refer to him as “the bf” anymore and so I haven’t been doing it as much. He’s so much more to me than just a boyfriend. That’s one of the reasons I want to be married to him. Husband seems much more appropriate. 
  • Also, I’m excited to have a fancy hyphenated last name. Yes, I’m going to be one of those chicks. 
  • Tonight we are trying a new place for dinner/drinks. In our soon to be new neighborhood. Yay.
  • I can’t wait because I could really use a fucking drink right now. Beer me. 
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