drunken musings

  • Helping people makes me happy. 
  • My kid is a total weirdo and I love it. If he wasn’t weird, I think I’d be disappointed.
  • There are people here who are awesome and I’m happy to know. People who make my life better.
  • I refer to moving to the suburbs as moving to the country. 
  • I’m excited about moving to the country.
  • The weather was so nice today that people like lost it. Everyone was dressed in summer clothes and the traffic going into Forest Park was fucking insane.
  • But wow did it feel good to drive around with the sunroof open. 
  • I’m struggling with my political identity lately.
  • Speaking of politics…In my old journal from 1996, I read about how excited I was to go to a Bob Dole rally. I fucking loved Bob Dole back in the day. 
  • I made a lot of progress on my purging project today. Well until two creepers at the bus stop kept staring me down, and then I had to stop taking trips to the dumpster. 
  • I’m dying to see The Witch. Dave said he would take me to see it in the Five Star Lounge. 
  • I just finished The Ice Twins and it was pretty fucking good. 18/52
  • My mileage for February is pathetic. I think I’m at 7/29 miles. Not good.
  • But I ran over two miles today. It’s not much, but it’s a start. 
  • Comparison is the thief of joy. 
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