fuck it friday

  • Happy House of Cards day!
  • I’m developing a deeper friendship with my colleague across the hall. I really like her. She is interesting and funny and weird as fuck. She reminds me a lot of Lena Dunham. I like Lena Dunham. Haters gonna hate. 
  • F’s hair is everywhere. I’m constantly picking it off myself. At least it’s beautiful hair. Strawberry blonde.
  • Hung-the-fuck-over. 
  • Drunken arguments and crying that lead to early morning make-up sex and me asking, “Did we argue last night or was it a dream?”
  • Success is sweet: double boxes, double and triple booked appointments, fucking gangbusters over here. Power coupling. <3
  • But…anxiety. 
  • Bestie night tonight = burritos and wine.
  • I haven’t looked in a really long time and I’m not going to look. 
  • I have recognized some hypocrisy in myself (after a conversation last night). Must fix problem.
  • Tired, hungry, cold, unmotivated. Meh. 
  • I’m buried in paper.
  • I need cats, caffeine, pain pills, a massage, a nap, and a burrito the size of my head.
  • That mutual masturbation scene in Girls was fucking hot. Ideas.
  • Oh baby, just you shut your mouth. 
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